UMM Concept Store

Life is our everyday stage on which we represent our style attitudes through specific outfits and accessories.

The key-concept of our flag store is to convey this life style.

UMM concept store mix together fashion and music to reflect the cultural crossover of today youth: citizens in the world of interconnected coolness.

UMM Concept Store Layout

UMM stores are projected by an architectural team of Italian designers, specialized in fashion, in order to enhance the visual layout of every single store and the exposition of our products.
Our layout reflects the pleasures of a total shopping experience to boost the mood of our customers through associations of the retail spaces with the concept of a music stage.
Shopping experience is a way of boosting customers mood. Shopping experience is also strategic to improve store traffic through multi-sensorial , acoustic and visual stimulations.
All our Promotion on Place is projected coherently with our brand communication strategy.

UMM, Flagstore Coming Soon

Upcoming UMM Flagship Store showcases a concept based on a custom audio-visual presentation with an emphasis on current music, fashion and art along with live DJ performances, art installations and fashion shows.
The stunning store design for UMM reflects strong influences from the most stylish clubs, bars and stage concerts, creating a shopping experience unlike any other featuring stimulating visual details including stained concrete floors, an exposed ceiling and plasmas throughout the store.

Sales 50%

UMM Spring - Summer Collection 2012