Philoshophy UMM


The operative philosophy beneath the strategic mission of UMM is entirely connected to the World of Music. The positioning of UMM is strictly related to the constellation of Youth Cultures in order to interprete their mood, their life-styles.

Today Global Youth represent thei identity on the social stage, the new media are the sources and the tools through which they express their tastes and life-styles. UMM intercepts the Youth`s expressive codes mixing "mintage" with "vanguard" attitudes creating evolved fashion garments with hight commercial potential.

The UMM PHILOSOPHY is to convey the mood of young "Wo/Men" looking for a fashion style that can complement their way of life.

The DNA of UMM Philosophy evokes the moods and the state of mind of the "non-conventional" young people, the Club Culture heritage associated to the roots of UMM`s history.

UMM Philosophy is to stand out from the common crowds with a specific and unique style and with a sense of fusion between Street Culture and Chic Attitude that is the foundation of Youth Styles since the 1950s.

From Cult T-Shirts to particularly "treated" denims, from sweaters to hoods, from stylish jackets to technical coats, UMM develops the right synthesis of today`s Street Chic that has in the World of Music its generative matrix.

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UMM Spring - Summer Collection 2012