History UMM


In the 80`s, UMM Underground Music Movement has been the most innovative European discographic label.

UMM archieved underground and overground international recognition with such powerful production as BLAST, ALEX PARTY, X-STATIC, CYB, TANYA LOUISE and many other famous music artists.

UMM made "state of the art" Italo-House and it is still loved by great contemporary international Dee Jays stars as Dave Morales, Roger Sanches, Amo&Navas, etc.

In the 90s, UMM evolved as a "non conventional" fashion brand with a deep symbolic connection to music lifestyles and with a forward looking attitude Street Cool approach. This strong interconnection between fashion and music is a real added value for the UMM Brand mission.

In Italy, the UMM Brand is commercialized by Silver S.R.L., a fashion design company, that has a tradition of creativity and a deep knowledge of fashion production.

Fashion and Music are strategic media to decode the signs of the ever changing contemporary moods. For this reason Moda & Musica invest its communication budget in musical events. The strong link with the world of music is continually reinforced through the brand presence on the market sponsoring the most famous international artist tours.

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UMM Spring - Summer Collection 2012